A Back Stabbing Friend...

November 01, 2010

Girls really value friendship same as how we value our family.To discover that you have been back stabbed by a friend that you considered your best friend is certainly one of the most painful thing that you could ever experience in your lifetime.
It is definitely heart wrenching to discover the person who stabs you in the back,without remorse is the one you trusted, loved and cared so much. The one you once shared laughs and cries with. The one you thought who would stick it out with you through thick and thin.
The pain can be unbearable and the thoughts of revenge may even dominate your mind simply because you are very hurt and feel that this person seemed ungrateful for all the good things you have done to her.You felt broken and believed you could never put the pieces of your life together again.

But this is life as it is, this is the reality that not all things in this world are permanent even friendships are sometimes meant to end, and everything happens for a reason.You just have to learn from it and try to be very careful next time in selecting whom you want to be friends with.

Forgiveness is really a hard thing to do and forgiveness is indeed cannot be forced or made to happen, it is a process of healing all wounds and it really takes time before it happens.Once this wounds have healed, you would eventually feel the need to forgive the person and leave all the baggage behind since it is so unhealthy and gets too heavy on your soul to carry it for a long time.

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