Why most girls prefer dating bad boys over the goody-goody ones

December 05, 2010

We are always wondering why most girls choose to date bad boys when in fact there are a lot of good men out there who are willing to give their all for the name of love. The one who has so much to offer with the girl he loves the most and would definitely give a girl the assurance of not getting hurt.

Here are the few reasons why most girls prefer bad boys to the goody-goody ones:

As a girl, we have the heart of changing or touching someone’s life, most especially if that person means a lot to you. We have the mind-set that we might change the specific person; we can simply change his bad habits into good ones. Since you have shown so much concern about him, you truly believe that sooner or later, he will surely change for the better.

Another reason is that most young girls find nice boys to be boring, whereas bad boys are more exciting and more adventurous.  They also like how these “bad boys” carry themselves, for the reason that they exude confidence, and definitely, most girls like someone who can handle himself very well, without trying to be overly confident.

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