A Real Friend..

January 02, 2011

We can find tons of friends but a real friend is indeed the hard thing to find. There are a lot of things that we have to consider also before we can tag a specific person a real or true friend. One example of good traits of a real friend is that the time when you hardly see each other, because you are both preoccupied with some things and you can’t afford to see each other more often that you used to, she makes it appoint to check or calls you up if how you are doing. A real friend is basically, who would always be interested in your life and always be concerned with what’s going on at the very moment, since she wants to be ascertained that everything is okay. And if you badly need help, she is very much willing to offer that. She is not just a friend that just loves to hang-out with you or stay with you during good times, but she is the type of friend who would still stick it out with you through thick and thin. This is the type of person that you can share laughs and cries with.

In addition, she is always honest with you even if uttering those words would hurt you a bit since all she wished was the best for you. Her only intentions of saying those stuffs are not a way of hurting you but rather help you to become a better person and be successful with everything that you do. She will also accept you for who you really are, no more pretensions needed.

She would even stay by your side even if you mess up, does not care with what others have to say but rather protect you from people who would say bad things about you, for the reason that she truly believes that during these times, you badly needed a real friend that you can count on, and for this reason, she is very much willing to lend you a helping hand.

Moreover, a real friend would always be proud of your achievements, next to your family. She is also willing to listen to all your grievances and very much willing to share her life with you as well, since she feels that you are a friend worthy in learning more things about her. She is a very trustworthy person, which means all your secrets are safe with her. She is very much willing to apologize when she thinks that she did something wrong to you and will do everything just to make it up to you. Another thing that is amazing about a real friend is that their thoughtfulness, they would surely remember your special day or your birthday, this will not always be an indicator, but it just feels so great to realize that there is someone who exerted some efforts just to surprise you on your special day.

These are just the few things or traits that a real friend would normally have. If your friend has all these qualities, then certainly that person is your real friend. Do the same to her, be a great friend. We have to bear in mind that we have to treat others, the way we want to be treated. Therefore, if we want to have a real friend, then, we have to be a real friend to others or to a certain person as well.

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  1. So we have to love and care for them. True friends are hard to find, ayt? =)

  2. Heya!
    Tag you here Blogger Award.
    Because you're a real friend. :)


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