A Goody two-shoes type of girl...

January 24, 2011

A goody two-shoes is the girl or woman that you would definitely admire for the reason that in this modern world wherein most people are more open-minded and more adventurous in exploring new things that this modern world has to offer,however,she still manage to keep her values intact. She is still the traditional Filipino girl who possesses the trait of being a very conservative type of person, which is undoubtedly, one of the things that make Filipino girls unique from other girls around the world. And the characteristic that certainly every Filipino girls should be proud of.

 A goody-two shoes is the type of person who would rather come home early after school or work than going to the party, bar hopping and you hardly see her staying late at night hanging out with friends and the like. She neither drinks or smokes. You will surely see her going to the church every Sunday. A kind of girl that is always prim and proper and would prefer uttering the most appropriate words to say.

You will never see her wearing revealing clothes and you can tell by the way she dress-up that she is indeed a very conservative person, who preserves herself for the man she would marry in the future.A goody two-shoes type of girls are truly hard to find nowadays, so we have to admire those girls who have these amazing traits.Though, there are still a lot of wonderful traits that these type of girls possess, but these are just the basic things or qualities they have.

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  1. wow ! this goody-two shoes girl will surely amaze me ! xP is there any goody two shoe girls now a days ? hummm ?!

  2. Yes, a goody two shoes type of girls are truly hard to find nowadays. Btw, thanks for dropping by...


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