Why he fell out of love?

February 25, 2011

To realize that he fell out of love with you is certainly heart-wrenching, especially if your world revolves around him and you've felt that you've given your all, just to make the relationship work. And it really hurts to hear him utter those dreadful words that he doesn't love you anymore and the famous break-up line, "it's not you, it’s me", in order for him to get rid of the relationship.

And at the back of your mind you're still wondering if what went wrong, why he suddenly felt this thing towards you. All you can think off is that what else you can do to bring back the love he once felt for you. And if it’s still possible for him to love you again.

There can be tons of reasons why he fell out of love with you and one of them is boredom. He felt that there's no excitement in the relationship anymore and the magic or spark is slowly vanishing. He just felt that all the things within the relationship become dreary, since both of you are just saying and doing things over and over again, that end-up losing the mystery and excitement in the relationship.

Another reason maybe because he just felt that he was taken for granted. He never heard or felt anymore the things you used to say or do to him. You are not the same girl anymore who used to be caring or sweet to him. He always felt that you are always preoccupied with work or something that you don't have enough time to spend with him.

Due to boredom or being taken for granted, he may come-up with a decision to end the relationship with you, in order for him to find what is lacking in his previous relationship.

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  1. and sometimes people just fall out of love with no reason at all, they just did..

  2. yep, correct! Thanks for dropping by..

  3. Or maybe he's just a loser and you really gave him your all and he just got too used to you loving him and took you for granted.sometimes guys don't know and appreciate the good things in their lives.


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