The Girls' very first blog..

May 20, 2011

How fast time flies since it has been 6 months since I created this blog. Actually, The Girls' was my very first blog. This one was created last October, until I decided to purchase a domain name for this blog last December of last year. I was skeptical back then, if I should buy one or not, nevertheless, I'm just glad I've made the right move to purchase a domain name.

As the blog title implies, this humble blog is basically about the girls' interests like love and relationships, dating, beauty tips, friendship and the likes, or anything that girls would be interested in. I know you have noticed that most of my entries are about love, for the reason that I just don't write entries just to speak my heart out, but definitely to inspire or to help people out in terms of love and relationships in my own little way, since I genuinely believe that there are lots of girls out there who want to know certain things about love and relationship, and I just want to impart something about those stuffs through this blog.

Moreover, I am ecstatic whenever I see my stats that I have unique visitors coming from major search engines such as Google. Even though the traffic I got every single day is not so overwhelming, I believe it'll increase over time, and I actually noticed it these past few months, since every time I compared my stats there's really a big difference in terms of my blog's traffic. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these numbers will double in the coming months. And I truly believe that you'll reap the fruits of your labor in perfect time.

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