What's really the real story behind the movie "Josie and the Pussycats"?

May 31, 2011

I've read an article about this movie from one of my favorite sites, vigilantcitizen.com and it makes me curious to really watch it. This movie is actually a long time ago, 10 years ago to be exact since it was shown in 2001. After reading through the article, I just want to grab a copy of it, since the author really did a good job in sharing his/her knowledge about the topic.

According to the article, this movie tackles the dark side of the music industry and that's what I really want to figure out. And with the help of this movie, I hope that some of the questions I have in mind will be answered and it would really open my eyes when it comes to the reality of today's music.

I believe that the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears are absolutely famous, a lot of people, especially the young girls go crazy over them, and they don't care about the fashion sense or the out of this world outfits of Lady Gaga. However, there's something in their music videos, most especially Lady Gaga's videos that I think most of the scenes were too irrelevant at times, that made you wonder why such act or symbols were shown, when in fact those stuff have nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, that made the video looks absurd, just like the creepy smile of Britney Spears in her "Hold It Against Me" music video. And not to mention, if you have noticed, it's already a trend now, some of the videos we've seen on the mainstream are really like this. I actually don't know what's the meaning behind those symbols that we oftentimes seen in music videos of various artists nowadays,which I'm sure all of you guys have noticed as well, but I genuinely believe that there's a deep meaning of it though, that most of us are not yet aware of.

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