This blog has a PR 1 already


I'm just glad that after I checked the page rank of thegirlsinterests.com a while ago, I'm happy to say that it has now a page rank of 1 already. This one is a 6 month old blog and my very first blog here in blogger. I thought that it'll be forever pr 0 but I'm glad that its page rank has increased and now, I'm starting to see the positive results of my hard work. I just so love this blog since this was the very first one that I created a year ago right after I decided to create my own blog.

I just hope that in the coming months, the pr of this one will still increase, and I'm very much willing to work on it like writing entries a couple of times per week, and so on just to make it possible. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and I'm hoping for the best.


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