Charice Pempengco at this year's Teen Choice Awards

August 21, 2011

I’m sure that a lot of Filipinos were happy to see Charice Pempengco at this year’s Teen Choice Awards a few weeks back. She was there to present an Acuvue Inspire award to Demi Lovato, and not to mention, she was the very first Filipino to be a presentor at TCA.

Additionally, I truly believe that this young girl really made all the Filipinos proud again, for the reason that she did a good job there, like the way she speaks on the stage, you can’t deny the fact that she really exudes confidence. Many people really noticed that she really improved a lot, and she carried herself well at TCA.

I must say that Charice Pempengco herself is absolutely an inspiration to all the Filipino singers who are still struggling to reach their dreams, one of which is to eventually be recognized or be popular not just here in our country, but in the international music scene as well, just like Charice did.

Furthermore, I know that we are all wishing that she’ll truly make it big there in Hollywood, most of us are hoping that her movie with Salma Hayek entitled “Here’s comes the boom” which is said to be released on 2012, would be the great start in reaching that thing.

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