A kind of guy that girls should go on a date with

August 06, 2011

Most of us girls are really wishing that our very first dates would be something that is quite memorable. If you're the kind of girl that is already ready to commit into a serious relationship, but you're just waiting for the right one to come, whom you want to share your life with.

So, if ever you would go on a date with a guy, you have to make sure that this person really deserves your attention, wherein you could really tell that he's worthy of your time, simply because you do feel and see that he's the type of guy that is really serious in getting to know you better.

Furthermore, he should be someone that knows how to respect a girl, and a true gentleman as well. It would really feels great once you know that a guy has so much respect for you, and I genuinely believe that all of us deserve this kind of treatment, since once someone would really treat you very well, you'll definitely feel that you're the most special girl on earth, which is an amazing feeling I must say . Additionally, aside from these things, the most important of all is that, he should be the person that genuinely likes you, since it really feels good how a guy exerts an effort just to show to you that he indeed likes you.

Moreover, some girls would only prefer to date someone that their friends really know personally, since they feel that it’s safer to go on a date with a guy when they know that their friends know this particular guy very well. Yes, I do agree that it would be a good idea to go on a date with someone whom your friends can really attest that this person can be trusted. And the mere fact that your friends know the person very well, thus, you’ll feel more secured, and you'll feel that there’s nothing to worry about.

Hence, we all need to really be very careful in choosing a guy whom we want to go on a date with, and we should stay away from those guys that we feel that have no pure intentions at all, as well as the guys that have a reputation of just playing around with girls, or the type of guys who really love to flirt around with girls. By applying these things to yourself when deciding or choosing a guy whom you want to go out with, there's a possibility that you'll not fall for the wrong guy.

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  1. right you are, girl! that's better than the traditional 'trial and error' :D

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Plain Old Me?

  2. aw!! so true!!! we need to be very careful.. lalo na sa panahon ngaun!!

    >> I think I deserve a date with hubby, what do you think?? hihi

    >> thanks for the visit Sis ^_^


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