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August 23, 2011

I was surprised that my entry yesterday about Charice Pempengco was indexed by Mr. Google in just a short span of time. In fact, I really thought that it will be indexed the next day, but I'm surprised that Google had indexed that particular entry in just a matter of minutes. And because of it, a lot of people landed on my blog when they searched some keywords regarding Charice at Teen Choice Awards 2011. So, thank you so much Mr. Google...*lol*

Moreover, right after I wrote an entry about Charice yesterday, I've noticed a significant increase of my blog's traffic yesterday, and today as well. I think one of the reasons why I do have a lot of hits for 2 consecutive days is because that article I wrote was shared on which is an internet forum. By the way, here are the screen shots:

Another reason why my blog's traffic suddenly increased is because of the power of retweet (RT). *lol*

And I'm just so surprised to see that a lot of people were actually retweeting  the link of the said forum or thread where my post was shared. Thank you guys!

And lastly, I just want to thank the person who really took time to read my entry, and who made an effort to share it with everyone there.I'm just glad that there's someone out there who actually appreciate the things I wrote about Charice. And I'm really looking forward to writing more entries about her in the coming days.

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  1. most of them are the "chasters," who helped circulate this blog. btw, i'm one of them. :)


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