My blog's new background

September 05, 2011

I have changed my blog's background today, and as what you can see it's all Pink since obviously, I do love Pink shades, that's why I decided to have a Pink background. Not to mention, this blog is all about the girls' interests, so a Pink color would be the best choice for this blog, and it really suits my blog I must say. And as we all know most girls love this shade, so it would be better to have a Pink theme for a girly blog. Actually, I've been thinking about changing my blog's background the past days, and it was just yesterday that I decided to create one. So here it is, my blog's new Pink background.

Anyway, the past weeks I've been very busy both online and offline, the main reason why I haven't updated this blog the past days. So, definitely this week I'll write more articles for this blog, preferably 2 or 3 posts this week if my schedule allows it. That's a lot but I'll try to achieve it this week.

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