A Transition From Friends To Dating

September 12, 2011

Hello Eve! And welcome to my humble blog. First of all, I just wanna thank you for taking the time to send me a message regarding on what is currently preoccupying your mind, and I do appreciate it a lot. I'll be more than happy to help you out in my own little way.

Anyway, I know you’re a bit confused right now why you feel that way, when in fact you’ve known the guy for six years already. Not to mention both of you have the same interests, so I’m going to assume that you’re close to each other. But right now, you’re asking yourself why you feel awkward when you’re with him, when in fact, you should be more comfortable when you’re around him since you’ve been friends for such a long time already.

No, you’re not being paranoid or anything. What you’re feeling right now is a pretty normal thing. First off, you’re being uncomfortable simply because you’re not used to that kind of situation. The kind of situation that you’re in is kind of difficult to handle I must say. The transition from friends to dating is not that easy to handle. There will be a lot of awkward moments there, but I know you'll eventually overcome that. 

Secondly, you’ve mentioned that you’re so nervous whenever you’re around him. Having this kind of feeling is also an indicator that you really have feelings for this guy already. It seems that you’re so conscious on what to say or do because I think you don’t want to turn him off.

And lastly, all I want to say is that just enjoy the feeling, enjoy the moment and just be yourself when you’re with him, this is the best thing that you should do.

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