The girls' is now a year older...

February 06, 2012

This is supposed to be posted a month ago but since my schedule won’t allow it, it took me months before I finally come up with an entry regarding my blog’s 1st year anniversary. Yes, you read it right; my very first blog is now a year older. How fast time flies I must say. I created this one in October of 2010 and bought a domain name for it on the last day of December on that same year, December 31, 2010 to be exact.

Honestly, a few years back, I was really skeptical in having one since whenever I read a lot of blogs I just thought that they were all so great and I must say that they were really well-written. I just said to myself, if ever I’ll have one, what would be my blog niche? For the reason that at that time, I really had no idea on how to start one. However, since I’m already interested about blogging after I read tons of interesting facts about it, one day, I just found myself blogging here in blogger. And I must say, this is truly one of the things that I couldn’t imagine myself not doing it since I’m starting to love this stuff for years now. So, maybe, I’ll be blogging for the rest of my life ( LMAO ) for the reason that I’ll definitely never get tired of jotting down all the things that interest me. As what the title implies, “The girls’ interests” it’s all about the stuff that girls like me would find it interesting, it could be about love, life, fashion and the likes.

Additionally, I can be myself here, and by blogging, I can step out of my comfort zone as well, which is definitely helpful since I learn something new every single day by doing this stuff.

I’m just so thankful that after blogging for a year now, I have noticed that my traffic is increasing every single day, which means, a lot of people now coming from search engines get to read my entries which makes me ecstatic, and I’m hoping that I could impart some things in my own little way.

Hence, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in the coming years, ( I wish that it wouldn’t be that long ), that I’ll get to reap the fruits of my labor, and I’ll finally say that all my hard work pay off.

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