Starting to give me a headache....

August 12, 2012

As what I've mentioned in my previous post a few weeks back, I have made decisions these past weeks and one of which is currently preoccupying my mind if it's the wise thing to do. Yes, I know that some people would raise their eyebrows about this certain thing and I'm pretty sure that they would definitely say that it's not a bright idea, but nevertheless, at that very moment when I came up with that very tough decision, all I'm thinking was, I just have to go with the flow and I got so carried away by my emotions as well.

Moreover, I have noticed a lot of things lately and there was something that I've discovered just awhile ago. And because of this, this one is starting to give me a headache. It haunts me and I'm starting to feel that maybe it isn't really a great idea. Additionally, the very reason why I did that was simply because I just felt that it was about time to take a risk and I should get out of my comfort zone because I'm not that young anymore. Nonetheless, at the back of my mind, there are tons of things that keep me holding back but one thing's for sure, I just can't afford to lose it and to easily let go of this thing as it's starting to grow on me already.

In a few months time, the things that currently remain a mystery to me would finally be unveiled. I’m hoping that the stuff that I’ve been dying to feel and hear for months now, would finally be uttered and shown to me, so that I can definitely say that it’s indeed a real deal. That all of the time and energy that I’ve invested are truly worth it and absolutely worth the wait.

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