The long wait is finally over

November 23, 2012

After several months of excitement, daydreaming and months of wondering, and pondering, things are now falling into place. And now, I can honestly say that the long wait is finally over.

Monday night was such a memorable night for me since after 11 long years, we finally got to see each other. It was definitely nerve-wracking as I don’t know what to expect back then, but I’m thankful that everything went well that night.

Moreover, what I felt that Monday night was truly indescribable and it was mixed emotions actually. And in all honesty, I never imagined that I’ll be in that situation. Having said that, no doubt that this experience is truly one of the memorable moments of my life, that I’ll absolutely cherish and treasure for the rest of my life or ‘til I grow old. You’re one of the greatest things that ever happened to me, and I can’t imagine life without you by my side to comfort me and would take good care of me. I hope you feel the same way too. I’m wishing that what we have at this very moment would last forever, since you’re the type of guy that I would want to share my whole life with, and I certainly want to grow old with. I just can’t afford to lose you. That’s how much you mean to me.

You have no idea how much I would want to be with you. I want to be with you every single day, every hour and every minute if that would only be possible. You are one of the few people that can put a smile on my face whenever I'm feeling blue. It just so sad thinking that in the coming days, we’ll be saying goodbye again to each other, which is pretty hard on my part. I know it’s really, really tough but I’ll wait for you. I’ll definitely miss you but what I’ve felt towards you is just so strong and overwhelming and for that reason, I’m very much willing to wait for you no matter how long would it take. Thanks a lot for making me feel special and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're "the one" already. And I'm hoping as well that everything we have right now is really "for real".

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