I'll patiently wait for you...

December 14, 2012

Time just runs so fast. This is the very moment that we will be saying goodbye to each other again, which kind of hard for me as I’m already used to having you by my side whenever I need you. 

Although we’ve only been together for a short span of time, but nevertheless those memories we’ve shared are enough for me to utter to myself that I should keep on holding on, no matter how tough the situation I’m in. I still want to be with you and spend some wonderful moments together but I know it wouldn’t be that possible.

Furthermore, being away from your other half is indeed very difficult I must say, that sometimes would test the trust you have for each other. At times, it’s so hard to give your 100% trust to that person because you haven’t really seen what he’s been doing 24/7 when he’s away from you to begin with. Having said that, I would try my very best to understand the nature of your job and would assure you that as long as you’ll give me reasons to stay, I would definitely stay. As long as you would make me feel special, I’ll truly wait for you no matter how long it would take. Just show me your love and I’ll reciprocate. But in all honesty, every time I think about you being far away from me for a very long time would bring tears to my eyes, since this is the very first time for me to be in this kind of thing. Nevertheless, I truly understand you’re only doing this for your future and we have so many plans and dreams together that’s why you need to double the effort and work your butt off. I truly appreciate all the things you’ve done for me and I’ll say sorry just in case I have shortcomings and I’ll promise, that I’ll make it up to you. I’ll badly miss you but I’ll patiently wait for you.

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