She learned her lesson the hard way...

March 08, 2013

Do you honestly think that this particular girl did regret everything she has done? Why she didn't give her all just to work everything out? Well, here's what she wants to tell right in front of your face. She doesn't have even just a single regret about what happened like why she's holding back, why she had a lot of shortcomings and why she broke up with you several times in the past because she believes that those were the right things to do or should I say the best things that she should do, because you aren't worth the time and the energy. Yup, you read it right, you aren't worth the effort and not worth the wait.

Don't you ever think that she can't move on with her life without you because you're definitely wrong. Oh please don't be too confident about yourself dude, since I tell you, you aren't good enough. She can live her life without you and even better off without you dude. She's even very thankful about why everything had to happen because she believes that she deserves someone better than you. Someone who's true enough and genuine enough.

Yes, she may learned her lesson the hard way, but that's a fact of life. We all need to go through such mistakes in life because that would make you a much wiser and a much better person than you are in the past. Thanks to all your lies, she didn't believe every single thing you said though, because from the very beginning, she knew that they weren't really true simply because they were too good to be true. And I just want to suggest something, that I hope next time you'll have a better script, because you know what? That was the dumb*** script she has ever heard ( LMAO ). So you better be good next time around. And one more thing, kudos to you! 'coz you're definitely on top of her list as the most liar she has ever encountered. You're just one of those jer** out there.

You aren't really successful in making her think or feel that you're different from them because from the very start, she already felt that you're just one of them. I hope you're happy with all of your insensitive actions and thanks for letting this girl go. It's your loss not hers because she's just one of the few girls out there who's just so genuine about their feelings and who would not make even a single thing to break the trust or to break her partner's heart. This girl can honestly say that she's a good person and God knows what's really in her heart or how true she is, so I believe He will give the right person for her at the right time.

At least now, She'll no longer have a hard time figuring things out and will no longer have that guilt feeling anymore, 'coz after all, she has been very honest with you and the only one who's been honest in the relationship. She can finally wear a smile now and can definitely tell the world, that she's already genuinely happy because you aren't in her life anymore.

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