Isla Reta Beach Resort Getaway

September 28, 2014

My boyfriend and I were searching on the net a beach resort in Samal Island wherein we could really enjoy the serenity of the place. And as well as a place wherein we could experience the beauty of it with the crystal clear water and white sand beach resort.

After browsing online for like an hour or so, voila! We finally found Isla Reta Beach Resort and decided to go there. It's actually the first time I heard or read about the resort that's why I was so ecstatic to visit the island, and it was definitely the perfect place I've been telling my bf or the kind of resort I'm looking for.

When we got there, I'm just glad since the place wasn't really crowded maybe because we went there on a weekday. We actually stayed there overnight and it was a fun and memorable experience with my partner. I'm still looking forward to our second visit next month perhaps . I must say that Isla Reta is very nice, simple, and very affordable. So if you're on a tight budget this is the perfect place to be.

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