I love you my baby Savannah..♥

December 08, 2014

Everything that had happened a few days ago was just so unexpected. I never imagined that you'll see the world earlier than you should be. I supposed to give birth on January, January 24, 2015 to be exact. That's why I didn't have any idea at all that we will be seeing you earlier than that.

Me and your dad did everything we can just for you to be healthy inside my womb. That day was like the worst day of my life. Everything happened in just a short span of time, for like 5 hours or so, I heard your first cry. I just couldn't believe that you'll be delivered prematurely. 32 weeks is just so early.

If I can only bring back time, I would definitely do all the possible ways just for you to stay longer inside me. But I'm really, really sorry my little one because mama had no idea that this thing will happen. I honestly thought that this one was a healthy pregnancy and I believe everything was fine. For the past 31 weeks of carrying you inside me, everything seems fine, no unusualties or whatsoever that would make me call my ob, but not until the 3rd of December. I thought it was just a false labor as I'm still on my 32nd week. I had no idea at that time that I'm already experiencing preterm labor. When I was rushed to the hospital, I'm just so shocked to discover that I'm already fully dilated and effaced.

Remembering that day really saddens me and brings tears to my eyes. Baby savvy, I'm really, really sorry if you have to go through all these. It really breaks my heart thinking that I have to leave you there in the hospital. I'm really sorry if your dad and mama have to leave you there temporarily since you badly need it.  All that we can do right now is to visit you every single day, provide everything that you need and pray hard for you.

Baby Savannah Audrey, all we are asking from you is to stay strong because mama and your dad love you so much more than anything in this world. We are willing to give up everything just for you to get well anytime soon. I just can't wait to cuddle you every second, every minute, every hour of the day to make you feel how much I really love you, how precious you are to us. Your dad loves you so much as well. He is doing everything he can just to provide every single thing you need. We are here for you no matter what. And it is really heart-wrenching to see you there, so please baby savvy, my little angel, be strong for us and do get well soon.

I just couldn't wait for that very special day wherein I will be holding you in my arms, and I do hope, that this thing will happen very soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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