10 Signs If Your Boyfriend Loves You...

October 18, 2010

 If you are in a relationship right now, maybe there was a moment that you have also asked this to yourself', "does he really love me?" Especially if he is the kind of individual that does not always say or show what he actually feels for you . If at this moment you are in doubt about his true feelings towards you, then this 10 signs would definitely help you to know if your boyfriend loves you.

1. He can't get enough of you. 
  If your boyfriend wants to be with you every single day and he finds enough time

  to spend with you despite his busy schedule then he truly loves you.

2.  He included you in his plans for the future. 
   If a guy will talk about his future plans for the both of you then this person is looking forward to marrying you. 

3. He always answer your phone calls.
   A person who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, will always be happy to hear her voice and a simple way of reminding you that he is always there for you whenever you need him.

4. He calls you more than you call him.
    Receiving numerous calls a day from your boyfriend is a sign that he is always thinking of you  every minute and every hour of the day. He wants to check that your always safe and okay.

5. He wants you to meet his parents.     
    If your boyfriend loves you, he wants you to be with the people closest to him and family is very important in a relationship. This one is a sign that he is really serious about you and your relationship.

6. He tells you everything about him.
   A person that does not keep a secret from you and even tells you his problems, definitely values you as a girlfriend. He wants you to be a part of his life and each decisions that he make.

7. He gets jealous when you speak with other guys.
    He is just simply afraid of losing you.

8. Your boyfriend won't mind doing the most boring things with you even if he is not used to.
     If he is the type of person who loves to hang out with friends and use to do the coolest stuff along with his peers, and yet, he  is doing boring things with you so this is something that truly means a lot. 

9. He wants you to meet his friends.
    A sign that he always tell his friends about you. If your boyfriend loves you, he would love to share with his friends how happy he is to have found a girl like you.
10. He is not afraid of showing his affection to you even in public.
     This one shows that he is just so happy to be with you and doesn't care even if he show his love in public like simple holding hands really means a lot.             

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  1. hi:),. as the 10 views u gave i can see that theres only 2 no. 5 and 7.,is this means that my bf doesnt truly love me?

  2. hiiiii........ thnx for giving this signs to girls becouse girls are always want to know that their boyfriend loves her or not......????
    Now all girls can know their boyfriend's love using, this signs..........

  3. Wow, I was so enlightened :)
    I found those 10 signs in my boyfriend.

  4. i found all 10 signs in my boyfriend.

  5. i alway call him because of the distance and because it is cheaper for me to call than him but when i call, he always want to stay long on phone with me. does this mean he dont love me

  6. My boyfriend has got all 10 signs, especially no 1 and 10. I just pray it works out well for us.

  7. wow mayn"s got al of dm

  8. Omg!!!! my baby loves me. He's 10 out of 10 on this one. My guy is amazing.

    I love you.

  9. my bf really loves me. He got 10 out of 10 aww :)

  10. Mine has all 10 but then again today he fucking ditches me well actually he tld me to wait n then left bc his mom Tld me to wait left so i stood outside like an idiot so like wtf does it still mean he loves me?

  11. for me. i doesn't know if he really loves me. :(
    hope so!!!


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