Is your boyfriend cheating on you? Here are the few signs...

October 25, 2010

I have already featured here the signs if your boyfriend really loves you, right now I am going to share with you guys a few signs if your boyfriend is probably cheating on you. We have this woman's  instinct  that most often were right. If you feel that your boyfriend might be unfaithful to you, try to check this out for you to find out if your intuitions are really correct.

When he used to have more time with you every single day before and he makes time to do things with you despite his busy schedule, but now he spends less time with you or does not have a time at all, this might be a sign that he's cheating on you. He always says he is busy about his work or something. Maybe the reason about this is that, he is having an affair with other girl and most of his time is with her.

When your boyfriend is less affectionate both words and in deed,or has gone cold with your relationship, maybe he is doing something fishy. For instance, he does not say how much he loves you,or does not kiss,touch or cuddle you as often as before.

He is there physically but not mentally there, he seems to be always preoccupied. He is not paying attention or listening to the things you say and even stops laughing at your jokes. He seems not interested anymore on the things that you both do. If he never fails in surprising you before but all of a sudden, he stops giving you flowers, is also a sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

He gets angry when you check his things like his cellphone or computer, but he used to allow you to do that before. Most probably, he is communicating with the girl through these stuff.If a guy is not hiding from you, he will let you see what is in his cellphone or computer. This is not an invasion of his privacy, but allowing a girlfriend to have access on these stuff would really mean a lot to a girl since it shows how faithful and honest a guy is.

Another sign that he is cheating on you is when he acts strangely  towards phone calls, like for instance, he walks out of the room when he receives a phone call or simply ignoring the call, for the reason that this might be his lover.

When your boyfriend is more conscious about his physical appearance more than he used to is also a sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you. For instance, he starts in buying new clothes,  and changed his hairstyle. He even starts going to the gym just to improve how he looks.

Try not to ignore these signs if your boyfriend is cheating on you.However,talk to your boyfriend and simply tell him what you feel to clear things out. Be with your family and friends since they are the ones that can help you the most.

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