Bidding Goodbye...

October 31, 2012

Bidding goodbye would be one of the toughest decisions to make but I believe that undoubtedly, it’s one of the wisest or smartest things to do, especially if you think or feel that the kind of relationship you are in would go nowhere to begin with. So, in order not to experience more pain within the relationship, I better bid goodbye rather than staying in a relationship that would just cause me so much pain, ‘coz that would be unhealthy.

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Additionally, I should have done this much earlier but the thing is, there’s this part of me a few months back that still wants to believe in that what you have for me, is just so genuine and for that reason, I can’t afford to just let go of you that easy, and I thought you’re one of the few people out there that is really into a serious thing/relationship. But now I just realized that all those stuff you uttered were just too good to be true and it’s really not for real. I thought you’re too kind and you’re not capable of doing such stuff that would make a girl upset. You’re doing it now though. Although I don’t have a proof yet but I can really feel that there’s something fishy going on behind my back. Yes, I’m to be blamed for the kind of scenario that I’m currently in. It’s pretty hard to do this and I’m weighing things now.

Moreover, I’m also wondering why you’re there, I mean what the heck are you doing in that place. I’m not that dumb not to figure things out, and you want me to believe that you’re just there ‘coz you’re eyeing something you think would be the best present for me or for your family or whatsoever? I wouldn’t buy it though. I’m not that st*pid to believe whatever you say. Just go and tell that to the marines instead. I regret everything I’ve done and I shouldn’t be in this tough situation if I just used my head and didn’t come-up with that dumb decision in the first place. I honestly just had no idea at all what I’m getting into a few months back. Having said that, I’m waiting for a sign later this evening though, and in the event that I wouldn’t hear anything from you or I wouldn’t get to hear those specific words from you tonight, then, that would be my last straw. I’ll be bidding goodbye already. I have to say goodbye while I’m not yet “falling” for you. You don’t deserve a girl that would be willing to sacrifice everything just for the sake of making a relationship work. And you’re not worth my mascara, dude. Just go and chase after her, I don’t give a damn. Good luck!

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