20 things you should know about men..

February 25, 2011

Surely, most of us girls are dying to know what men are actually thinking and what they look for in a girl, since oftentimes, men are hard to figure out.

So, below are the few things that you should know about men.

1. A girl doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful, she just have to be tidy and presentable for them to like her.
2. "Are you doing something?" or "Have you eaten?" are the first things they normally asked a girl over the phone, just to prevent himself from stuttering.
3. They may like to flirt around with girls but at the end of the day or before they go to bed at night, the person they are constantly thinking is the girl that they truly love.
4. If a man really likes you, he would really accept you for who you really are, despite those bad traits you have.
5. Don’t speak about your former boyfriend, they will surely hate it.
6. If a man wants to meet your parents, just let him, since that's an indicator that he is serious with you.
7. Men do cry.
8. A man usually stutters when he speaks to a girl he truly likes.
9. Men do love their moms, and they are usually looking for a girl that is exactly like their mothers.
10. Men put their best foot forward when they are courting someone.
11. A girl’s height is not a big deal for them, but the girl’s weight is important to them.
12. A man will be having a hard time forgetting his girlfriend and it's hard for him to move on if that relationship lasted for 3 years or beyond.
13. Men like girls who know how to cook.
14. If a man cries right in front of you, that’s an indicator that he’s indeed very hurt or he’s really in pain.
15. You can tell if a man is really sincere with what he tells or shows to you, if you’ve seen him praying at times.
16. If a man compliments you, like telling you’re pretty and the like, it means that man likes you.
17. If a man sets you free, it means he truly loves you.
18. Men don’t like girls who react excessively.
19. If a man hardly says “I love you” to you, it means he certainly loves you.
20. If a man likes you, he will do everything just to make you laugh.

What were written here don’t necessarily apply to every man out there, since every one of us has different personalities, regardless if you’re a man or a woman and that’s what individuality is all about. These are just the traits or characteristics that usually most men normally possess or things that most men would normally think of.

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