The Natural Ways To Whiten Skin

March 20, 2011

There are tons of ways on how to whiten skin, and it’s great to know that there are also a lot of natural ways to achieve it. Those stuff that whiten skin naturally are very helpful to those girls or women who want to achieve a whiter skin but they only have a limited budget, wherein they can’t afford to buy those expensive skin whitening products on the market that promised to have a positive result.

The best thing about these natural whiteners is that, since it’s natural, it’s very safe to use and rest assured that there will be no harmful effects on our skin, and there’s no harmful ingredients that can harm not only our skin but our health as well.

If you’ve been longing to have that whiter complexion, here are some of the natural ways to whiten skin that you can try for yourself.

We already know the effects of sun’s rays to our skin, it will not just darken your skin but sun’s ultraviolet rays can be very damaging to our skin. To prevent this from happening, we should put sun block on our skin to protect it from the dangerous effects of UV rays and of course, it is also the best way to protect our skin from darkening that results from exposure to the sun.

Did you know that Lemon juice can also be used to whiten skin? Yes, you heard it right. You can apply the juice that you have extracted from Lemon and apply it on your face, and leave it on your skin for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

Exfoliation also is a good way to whiten skin since it removes dead skin cells that reveals a smoother and glowing skin. There are a lot of facial and body scrubs available on the market that are affordable and effective. However, you can also use an oatmeal together with brown sugar and milk to exfoliate your skin. All you just have to do is make a paste out of these 3 ingredients, the oatmeal, sugar and milk, mix these altogether then apply it on your skin, and use it to scrub your skin.

If you are looking for affordable whitening products, look for something that contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and  Kojic acid, as well as Licorice Extract which are known to be effective to whiten skin.

And lastly, a healthy lifestyle has a great impact on our skin. Always remember to include fruits and vegetables on your diet, since it is the most natural way for you to achieve that smoother and glowing skin. And drink lots of water, preferably 10-12 glasses a day to keep your skin hydrated. These things can really help you to achieve that brighter looking skin since fruits and vegetable, and lots of water as well, can wash out all the toxins from your body thus, giving you not just a whiter skin but a healthier looking skin as well.

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