How Hard Is It To Find Someone To Love You Back

July 14, 2011

It is definitely one of our dreams to find a guy that would accept us for who we really are, and would genuinely love us despite the imperfections we have. However, at the back of our minds we are really thinking if this thing would be that easy or if it’s just too good to be true.

It is pretty normal to be incredulous about this thing, most especially if you just went through a lot from your past relationship/s. And because of those things,  you can’t help yourself but to ask if it still easy nowadays to find someone to love you back or pay back the love you have rendered  him.

In Addition, we’ve heard or read a lot of different stories from different women from all walks of life, or even from your friend, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and the likes, about their love stories or their heart break stories, and if it just so happened that you’re still N.B.S.B or no boyfriend since birth type of girl, then, you’ll surely have doubts or fears to enter into a relationship or to have a boyfriend after hearing those horror stories. And you’ll just say to yourself that maybe it’s really hard to find someone to love you as much as you love him.

On the other hand, there are some girls I know personally and who haven’t experienced at all what it feels like to be in a relationship, think that if ever they’ll enter into their very first relationships, they genuinely believe that it’ll be something like they’ve seen on the romantic movies, for the reason that they really have no idea that not all the things that are happening within a relationship are all happy moments or forever be positive ones, since facing some trials along the way is really a part of a relationship, and that is just a pretty normal thing.

And not to mention, since they are still very young and innocent about life, they truly believe that they can find someone to love that has the exact traits of a perfect guy they have seen on the movies or what they have read on the romantic novels. Nonetheless, I totally understand why they chose to believe that if ever you’re with someone you love so dearly, you have nothing to worry about since everything will be perfect. And we can't deny the fact that everyone of us used to believe about this idea, back to the days when we were still so gullible and thought that everything about being in love was like a fairy tale.

Furthermore, not all of us have this amazing relationship with our partners, some are in a happy relationships and some are into unhappy and unhealthy ones. This is just part of being in love, if you are truly in love you’ll really have to accept the fact that there’s a possibility that you’ll get hurt in the end. One of the reasons of course why some girls ended up getting hurt, was because they have chosen the wrong ones. They thought that the men they have chosen to share their whole life with, were the ones that truly deserved their love.

Yes, we are all wishing to find someone to love us wholeheartedly. However, it looks like it’s kind of hard to find someone who has this trait because it really seems that most men nowadays wouldn’t  take a girl seriously or most of them are not yet ready to commit into a serious relationship, which I believe some women would do agree. Nonetheless, I genuinely believe that there are still a lot of guys out there who would be willing to give their best just to make their partners feel special and loved, and like I said, it’s just a matter of choosing the right man.

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