So exhausted....

June 11, 2012

I really want to write here more often but I am not really in good shape these past few days. And right now, I don't really know what topic or stuff to jot down in here. I'm just so exhausted. I wanna travel, have a vacation for a week or two or even beyond than that, and just do all the stuff that I’ll definitely enjoy doing with my close friends, but there are tons of things that I need to consider first before I could actually do all these stuff. I'm just so burned out, and so freakin' tired. All I wanted to do is to reward myself for working this hard.

I just wish that I could treat myself one of these days since I badly need it and I honestly believe that I deserve it as well. And I'm hoping and praying that someday I could finally find that missing piece in my life, so that I would be more inspired to live each single day with so much joy. I'm hoping to find that true happiness that I've been longing to feel for quite some time now, and I'm wishing that it would happen anytime soon. I really, really hope so…

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