Kinda Hesitant...

There were tons of things that had happened the past month and a few of those things were the kind of stuff that I never imagined that were really possible. I must say that one of those stuff was really a pleasant experience. And because I was so overwhelmed with that particular thing, I did come-up with a decision that I really don't know if it was really the right thing to do. Additionally, after I did  that, I'm kinda scared if everything will turn out well in the end. I'm still hoping though that I won't regret every single thing that I had made these past weeks. But nevertheless, I need to prepare myself if one of those decisions I made won't turn out well.

Moreover, I want to really invest time and energy on one of those stuff but I'm still holding back since I'm kinda hesitant if it's worth my time and the effort. I would love to focus on that thing but there are still a lot of factors that I need to figure out or to consider first before I could actually invest time and energy into it,  because this time around, I really have to be careful and make sure that it is really something that would really bring out the best in me. I’m still waiting for the signs and I hope it won’t be that long.

Well, anyway, yesterday was one of the Holidays that Americans look forward to celebrate every year. So, belated Happy 4th of July everyone!


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