My blog's current traffic is dropping like a rock...

March 16, 2012

I have posted in my previous post that I was so overwhelmed with the sudden increase of my blog's traffic for a few days that had something to do with what I've written on that particular day, that was indexed right away by Mr. Google. I'm just so ecstatic that right after I wrote that entry, I've noticed a decent amount of traffic in my blog for 3 consecutive days.

It didn't normally happen that's why I'm overreacting to it(LMAO).And I know most of you who would get to read this entry would surely say the same thing(Lol).That's the very reason why back then, I really seized the moment and enjoying every moment of it. Whenever I'd seen hundreds of visitors per hour in my stats, I just can't help but be ecstatic about it since like I said, it didn't usually happen every single day in my blog. In fact,I'm actually wishing that I could still have the same amount of traffic in the coming days. However, I'm now back to reality (LMAO).From a whopping thousands of visitors in a single day, it's now down to hundreds of visits each day, which is already the normal stats of my blog.

Nevertheless, it's fine with me since I'm already used to that stats and that particular stats were just too good to be true (LMAO).It's still okay with me even though it's dropping like a rock (Lol). Maybe the best thing for me to do is to focus more in blogging and write more entries in this blog as much as possible and as much as I can, in order for me to reach that thousands of visits someday. Is it doable? Well, I'll just have to believe that it's really possible. So for now, I'll just keep on wishing that one day, I'll be able to achieve that particular amount of traffic,(LMAO) and to keep on working, and working hard on my blog as well.

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