The Power of Love...

March 19, 2012

Love indeed is the greatest gift that God has given to humanity. The sort of feeling that is certainly indescribable, that at times, words aren’t enough to describe what you actually feel for that particular person, for the reason that the love you have for that certain person is just so overwhelming that you can’t figure out the perfect word/s to describe it.

Additionally, love has the power to change the whole being of an individual, and make him/her the better person that he/she can be. And not to mention, it has the ability as well to inspire people to reach their certain dreams in life and motivate them to even reach those dreams or stuff that would seem unreachable for others, that is how powerful and magical this single word is.

A person that is genuinely in love is definitely the happiest person on earth, most especially if they are just so blessed to find that special someone who would truly love them and shower them each single day of their lives with so much love and care. If you have found not necessarily the perfect person, but rather a great individual that would love you the right way, surely, that kind of relationship you have with him/her will keep you grounded. This is the ultimate dream of most girls which is to finally find their dream guy, their knight in shining armor, wherein they could honestly tell the world that he is indeed the right one already.

Thus, if you are in love at this very moment, just enjoy this wonderful feeling, seize every moment of it with the person you love so dearly.

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  1. Love is patient, love is kind...Love is ETERNAL! Love never fails when God always handles our relationships...Love was powered by GOD :)....

  2. Love is something that you can describe,as you said,it is the most wonderful feeling a person can ever have,but on the negative side love can destroye a persons welk being.i like the fact that yot do are concerntrating on the negative side of what love can do to an individual.


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