Hoping Jessica Sanchez will make it to the finals of American Idol....

April 24, 2012

 Tons of people were just so sad with the final results of 2 weeks ago's elimination night. When Ryan Seacrest finally announced who will be sent home that night, you can really see that the audience were just so shocked upon hearing who got the lowest number of votes. Even the judges didn't see it coming. But thanks to the 3 judges who decided to save Jessica Sanchez that night. The judges' reactions to the results were just so amazing and because of that I love Jennifer Lopez even more. Randy Jackson even said that Jessica is one of the talented singers in America which is something that Filipinos around the world should be proud of.

Additionally, I do agree with other people's opinions that so far among the Filipinos who joined American idol the past years, Jessica Sanchez is truly the best singer. I love Jasmine Trias though, and she was the first one who made us proud since she was able to make it to the final 3 of AI. She's so charming and very talented as well. But it's just that Jessica can sing everything and she definitely sings like a pro. One of my favorites was her version of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams". If you'll listen to Jessica's studio version of it ( as of this writing it has 1 million+ hits and still counting ), you'll think that it's Beyonce's voice. That's how great she is. 

Just in case you haven't heard it yet, feel free to check the video out below.

A lot of people are really hoping that she'll make it this season. I believe that the Filipinos in America are really doing their best just to support her and to make this thing possible. I hope as well that America will actually do agree with what Randy Jackson had said and will continue to vote for her since she's indeed a very talented young girl, and she has the incredible voice. Thus, she really has what it takes to be the next American Idol.

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