Famous Rejoice Shampoo Commercials

I'm sure a lot of us are very much aware of Rejoice Shampoo Commercials of 2ne1's Sandara Park and Jaboom Twins ( I wonder where they are now ) that became very popular several years back or if if I'm not mistaken, it has been 10 years since these commercials came out. It's just so nostalgic seeing these catchy shampoo commercials again. Back then, I just can't really forget whenever you had this very straight hair, people would always tease you using the taglines of a Rejoice shampoo commercial, "sumusunod sa galaw mo, sumusunod sa galaw mo". In fact, my friends would also used this lines whenever I had this very straight hair during those times ( lol ).

Well anyway, here are 2 of the most famous Rejoice Shampoo commercials of Jaboom Twins, that are no longer active in showbiz and Sandara Park, a Korean who became a famous actress here in the Philippines right after joining Starcircle quest, the Abs-Cbn's talent search way back in 2004. She is currently a member of 2ne1, the very popular girl group in South Korea.

                            Sandara Park's "Walang Sabit"

Jaboom twins' "Sunod sa Galaw"


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