Are you the "Queen Bee"?

May 11, 2011

I’m sure you have seen already the blockbuster movie of 2004, the “Mean Girls”, starred by the very controversial actress herself, Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron ,with Rachel Mcadams,Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and so on . The movie showed the characteristics of a “Queen Bee” portrayed by the two actresses. In the beginning of the movie, “Regina George” portrayed by Rachel Mcadams was considered by her friends as the queen bee. A lot of people would look up to her since it seems that she has everything, the beauty, the fashion sense, the talent and they definitely follow what she says or do not just by her friends but as well as the girls around her. She is absolutely the trendsetter in their school. In short, since the girls around her think that she's just so perfect, they just want to be like her.

This kind of girl is not unusual already in a group of friends, whether in school or in a workplace, and the likes, wherein in a certain group there’s always someone who would stand out or would be the so-called “queen bee”. Wherein the people around her such as her friends would always listen on what she has to say.

Furthermore, this kind of girl has the final say to everything and there’s a tendency that whatever she says or do, her friends would follow it. Such as what to wear, what’s the best make-up or anything that her girl friends are interested in, and not to mention, she’s very assertive and she can be manipulative as well, since most of the time, she will be the one who makes a decision for you. Like for instance, whenever there’s someone that would court one of her girl friends, that particular guy must pass through her standards, and if ever that guy fails to reach her expectations or her standards, her friend should say “no” to that particular guy.

However, there are still some positive traits of a “queen bee” and one of which is being protective to her friends. That’s why she wants her friends to seek some advices or suggestions from her in whatever they do, since she wants to make sure that her friends won’t suffer from the consequences of their wrong decisions or actions in the long run. Hence, aside from the physical attributes she has or the confidence she exudes, there’s indeed something in her that her friends see, for her to be considered as their “queen bee”, that is truly beyond physical beauty.

Thus, after reading the above things, do you considered yourself as the “queen bee”?

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