What Girls Like in a Guy

May 11, 2011

I genuinely believe that some guys out there are very curious about what girls like in a guy. At times, you feel that girls are just so hard to figure out. So, if you really want to know what those things are, then you better read this for you to find out. So, whether you’re in a relationship, planning to court someone, or if you’re still in a stage of getting to know each other, then these things will surely help you to learn more about girls. So, here are some of the things you need to know about girls.

If you’re in a relationship right now, I’m sure that in the first few months or when you’re still courting her, you would always make it appoint to call or text her every single day, or even every hour, just to check if she’s okay or you simply want to hear her voice and the likes, no matter how busy you are.
However, this thing is one of the most common issues that couples are experiencing, and would normally start a fight between the couple. Simply because some girls would notice that there are sudden changes of communication after a couple of months or years in their relationship. They haven’t received a call or text from their boyfriend that often that they used to receive, back in the first few months of their relationship, and when they were still in a courting stage. If this would happen in a relationship, you can’t help the girl but to wonder if there’s something wrong with her or if a guy doesn’t love her anymore and the likes. So, if you really love the person, don’t make her feel the insecurities that may result due to lack of communication. As much as possible, you still need to do the same things you do when you were still courting her, or when you were still starting out as a couple. So, when you call or text her 20 times a day during the early stage of the relationship, then, you still have to do it, for the reason that most girls would still love this kind of attention from their boyfriends. In short, make everyday as if you are still in a courting stage, since this is exactly what girls like in a relationship.

So, if it’s your first time to date the particular girl that you’re very interested in, then, you have to ensure that the first date will be very memorable to her. For the reason that most girls would want their first date to be romantic and something that could actually make them feel that the guy really prepared for it, and really exerted a lot of effort. The first date is not necessarily in fancy restaurants, and the likes. A date by the beach or something to that effect, would be a great idea.

If you’ll be given the opportunity to meet her parents, you have to show not just in her but most especially to her parents, that you do respect them. What girls like in a guy is being respectful to her parents, which would definitely mean a lot to her and not to mention, it would reflect what kind of guy you are as well.

And don’t forget to compliment her. Tell her how stunning or gorgeous she is on that day or how beautiful she is.

Hence, what girls like in a guy is basically someone that would genuinely respects a girl and a true gentleman as well. So, if you have these traits, I believe you have the idea already on how to really treat a girl very well, that wouldn’t be that hard for any girl to like you in return.

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  1. hahaha! this post is so cute...

  2. Now this is great stuff,atleast i now understand something about girl especially since there was a saying which said that it is not as easy to understand them.


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